Marvel Avengers: Astonishing Ant Man & the Wasp ArtFX+


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The shrunken down Ant-Man is the smallest item in the history of the ARTFX+ series.
At 1/10 scale, this item looks great displayed alongside other items from the ARTFX+ series.
This unique series is meant to be displayed in a more vertical formation rather than side by side. The figures have special bases that recreate the concept art, but due to this they do not have magnets in their feet.
The original concept art was created by MCU designer Adi Granov. The characters have a unique design that deviates slightly from the original comics.
The series consists of very popular characters. The final entry in the series will be Thanos.
This item is three piece set with the 1/10 scale Ant-Man (190mm), miniature Ant-Man (30mm)and ant (100mm long), and miniature Wasp (65mm).
The miniatures are non-scale, and were created with reference to the perspective shown in the concept art where they are near the front of the image.

Kotobukiya’s Marvel Comics ARTFX+ series has brought you a range of characters, from the Avengers to the X-Men, Defenders, and more, with stunning detail in 1/10 scale. Now the spotlight returns to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with a new series of Avengers characters based on designs by Marvel superstar artist Adi Granov. Following Black Panther and Scarlet Witch is the Astonishing Ant-Man and Wasp! Adi Granov’s art is brought to life by sculptors Junnosuke Abe (RESTORE) and Keita Misonou.

Ant-Man’s design is based on the suit used by Scott Lang after he takes over the position from Hank Pym, and Adi’s Granov’s unique photo-realistic art is expertly rendered into an original statue with a high level of detail made possible by Kotobukiya’s expert craftsmen.

In addition to the full-sized Ant-Man, this product also includes a miniature Ant-Man with an ant companion, and a miniature of the original Janet van Dyne Wasp at the shrunken-down scale shown in the concept art. These statues are the smallest items in the ARTFX+ series to-date, and are perfect for displaying alongside the other Adi Granov Avengers as they assemble to face off against Thanos!

License Marvel
Scale 1/10
Material PVC(Phthalate-free)?ABS
Series Marvel
UPC 190526012431
Release Date Late December 2018

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