Robotech Retro Figures Wave 1 (Set of 5 Figures)

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Estimated Release Date: November 2018

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Robotech Retro Wave 1

Weekday afternoon cartoons, action figures and Robotech always equaled a happy childhood! Now that feeling is back with this brand-new assortment of Robotech action figures! All your favorite Robotech characters are here, fully articulated and featuring removable helmets and display stands!

Product Spec

  • 4.25 inch (10.80cm) scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Multiple points of articulation
  • Removeable helmets

Each Box Contains

  • Rick Hunter figure
    • Helmet
    • Figure stand
  • Roy Fokker figure
    • Helmet
    • Figure stand
  • Max Sterling figure
    • Helmet
    • Figure stand
  • Miriya Sterling figure
    • Helmet
    • Figure stand
  • Lynn Minmei figure
    • Figure stand


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