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Deadpool Review




I am not going to lie, I have been waiting for this movie for almost a decade so maybe my view maybe a little skewed, but then again when it comes to Deadpool you kinda need a skewed view to truly appreciate him.

In a world now filled with superheroes and world building, we get the refreshing enema in the form of Wade Wilson, the fan favourite Merc with a Mouth (and thank God it aint sworn shut).

The movie lives up the the well marketed hype and then some, even the opening credits reminds you, you aint in Kansas no more Dorothy.


The movie keeps the plot simple, while some might find that a bit boring for a Deadpool movie I felt it was necessary otherwise it would have distracted the average movie goer from the oddity (shout out to my boy ) of the movie itself. and that’s what Tim Miller has done well here, stayed true to the core character without alienating the general audience. But that’s not only what he and star Ryan Reynolds do well. They show us they can do X-Men better than X-Men, case in point Colossus. Never has the character been better depicted, from the thick Russian accent to the physique and his humble persona.

I will admit the villains were pretty underdeveloped but the movie makes you forget that with the well placed wit and humour… oh the humour, always the right dosage, always the right time.

In short Deadpool is a fun filled ride that’s the perfect break from all the intense franchise and their sometimes convoluted shares universe. You don’t need to catch up on 7 movies to know what is going on, you don’t need to buy a mountain load of back issues to understand the character. All you need is a barrel of popcorn and large soda and you will get your moneys worth.


The movie gets a slightly biased 5/5 simply for being totally original when the only options where dark or light. Being grey has never been so colourful.  Oh and to my Deadpool fans….

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