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Kotobukiya: Deadpool


Well first statue review to be exact, with Deadpool popularity higher than ever it was only time before we got a Koto.

The figure is a great depiction of our loveable merc, it really does capture his essence. I know some may argue that it a lot smaller than the recent Avenger line up that just completed its stellar run, but keep in mind that he is crouched. While heroes like Iron-man and Thor look great upright the skinnier more agile characters like Spidey look more spectacular (pun intended) when crouched or arched.  A upright standing Deadpool would just be boring and far from character. But if that’s your thing go for the Hulk and you won’t be disappointed.

Moving forward I really do dig the sign board where we can write out silly quips and have some fun with our Koto. The straight line mould along the sides of the face help add definition to his head.

A little deeper shade of red could have been considered and maybe some alternate heads or maybe thought bubbles. But considering this is the entry level then we are already getting more than the norm.

All in all a good buy…. Now.. where that buudy of his OH Cable Where Are You? (yes Kotobukiya we looking at you)