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Cast:      Christian Bale

               Amy Adams

                Steve Carell

                Sam Rockwell

                Tyler Perry

                Alison Pill

                Lily Rabe

                Jesse Plemons

Directed By: Adam McKay


If you enter our home you will always either find a sport or news channel on, always! Even if you don’t always mean to, you pretty know more or less what is going on in the world. My husband is a massive conspiracy theorist and this is mainly because he wants to know the truth of what really happened.


I happen to love reading and have read my fair share of views of what happened in 9/11 had no idea how deep this actually went. The movie was not only eye opening but insightful and thought provoking as well.


The acting was nothing short of superb! I did a double take and had to take 3 and four looks to make sure that I was really looking at Christian Bale. Steve Carell surprised me in this serious role as I more used to seeing him as a joker because of the office.


A movie you definitely do not want to miss and trust me you are definitely going to be doing some research after watching the movie because you just need to know!