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The Invisible Man

Genre:  Thriller / Drama

Cast:      Elisabeth Moss

Oliver Jackson – Cohen

Aldis Hodge

Storm Reid

Directed By: Leigh Whannell

Most people choose invisibility as their super power. To hear what people think of them, to rob banks and to watch movies at the cinema for free apparently.  This movie is not about that! With technology the way it is today, if someone said that they created something to make themselves invisible I would totally believe it.

Elisabeth Moss was brilliant, having watched The Handmaid’s Tale; I can definitely see why they cast her to play Cecilia Cass.  Cecilia Cass is the wife of a brilliant scientist Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). She is stuck in this abusive marriage and gets out with the help of her best friend and sister.

Adrian commits suicide and leaves Cecilia an inheritance but knowing Adrian for a long time she believes that it isn’t true.

The Invisible Man has your attention and keeps your heart levels jumping with suspense. The camera work has a lot to do with this eerie feeling that you are being watched, amazing! There a few plot holes towards the end but all in all very entertaining and definitely worth the watch. If you are into psychological thrillers then this one is definitely for you.