COVID-19 Shipping Precautions

15 May 2020

Project Mayhem SA is excited to announce that the Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition has announced that our e-Commerce business may continue as usual as of Thursday 14 May 2020.


It is with this in mind that we would like to re-assure our customers that we, along with our Shipping Partner, The Courier Guy will be taking the utmost pre-cautions while packaging, handling and delivering your goods.

All packages we send out will be safely wiped down using necessary care while ensuring your goods arent damaged nor put you or others at risk of coming into contact with the virus.

The Courier Guy delivery drivers and staff are equipped with gloves, masks and appropriate sanitizers to keep and ensure the safety of our clients and their packages. When they arrive, they will spray the package, wipe it down and ensure a safe distance from you to allow you to collect and sign your waybill. Please ensure you have your own pen – however, if not possible, The Courier Guy will have one – just ensure you sanitize your hands as a general rule! Please do this before and after accepting the package.

To be extra safe, you should wipe down any packages received and then sanitize your hands again in accordance stipulated by health authorities.

Please be rest assured that every possible measure has been made to ensure your goods are safe for our courier and you to handle once received.

Finally, thank you for your continued support, enjoy your purchase and be safe!



Project Mayhem SA Team

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