Spawn: Series 27 – Issue 119 Interior Art “Gunslinger” 6 Inch Action Figure

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Paint: original paint
Scale: 6-inch
Format: action figure
Packaging: clamshell

Based on Angel Medina’s rendition of a Hellspawn from another time (also a fan-favorite), this figure depicts a Spawn with a different feel and aesthetic than that of Al Simmons. Complete with a stylized “cowboy” hat, revolvers and spurs, the “Gunslinger” will no doubt be one of the most sought-after figures from Series 27.


Released March 2005

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1 review for Spawn: Series 27 – Issue 119 Interior Art “Gunslinger” 6 Inch Action Figure

  1. zaid_h_motala

    Oooooh Lordy pie!

    Thee saddest thing about Spawn is the fact that it never got as much traction in South Africa as it should have.

    I mean it breaks my heart when I speak to people and they don;t know about Al Simmons aka Spawn.

    It kills my soul to know that so many people will look at this figure and not realise what a phenomenal character it depicts and what a truly awesome figure this is.

    Hopefully my little tirade here will help that a little.

    Firstly to find this in mint condition is all but impossible so grail hunters attack!

    Secondly… like all McFarlane figures, the attention to detail in this sculpt is breathtaking. The subtle texturing and fine sculptwork make this figure a piece of art to behold.

    Thirdly (I think that’s a word) the paint apps and accessories boast the same level of detail as the rest of the figure.

    Admittedly, like most McFarlane figures of the era, the figure is a little lacking in terms of articulation, but this is only because the creative direction of McFarlane at that time was to release action figures that were, for all intents and purposes “mini statues”.

    A small trade off for such a beautiful piece.

    This figure is a must have for any Spawn collector as well as anyone who is looking to invest in a piece of art.

    Love it.


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