Hot Toys: VGM50 Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Miles Morales (Bodega Cat Suit) 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure


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Estimated Release Date: Q3 – Q4 2022

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The 1/6th scale Miles Morales (Bodega Cat Suit) Collectible Figure specially features:

–          Authentic and detailed likeness of Miles Morales wearing Bodega Cat Suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales game

–          Newly crafted masked head sculpt with three pairs of (3) interchangeable eye pieces that can create numerous expressions

–          Approximately 29.5 cm tall

–          Specialized body with over 30 points of articulations allowing flexible waist movement

–          Twelve (12) pieces of interchangeable hands including:

–          One (1) pair of web shooting hands

–          One (1) pair of open hands

–          One (1) pair of gesture hands

–          One (1) left fist

–          One (1) thumb up sign left hand

–          One (1) left hand for holding smart phone

–          One (1) victory sign right hand

–          One (1) right hand for holding coffee cup

–          One (1) for web holding right hand


Costume :

–          One (1) burgundy colored hoodie with web shooters and printed black spider emblem

–          One (1) oversized white colored vest

–          One (1) black colored Spider-Man Suit embossed with black trims, web pattern

–          One (1) pair of red and black colored sneakers

–          One (1) pair of inline skates (rotatable)



–          One (1) running Spider-Cat

–          One (1) hanging Spider-Cat (attachable to opened backpack cover)

–          One (1) backpack with two (2) interchangeable backpack covers (opened and closed)

–          Two (2) Venom blast effect accessories (wearable on fists)

–          One (1) headset

–          One (1) coffee cup

–          One (1) smart phone

–          One (1) sketchbook

–          One (1) gift box

–          Six (6) strings of spider web in different shapes and lengths (attachable to web shooting hands)

–          One (1) open spider web effect accessory

–          A dynamic figure stand with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales game logo and character name