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Return (2020) – A Short Film by Happe Chappe


“Return” is a multi-award winning short film directed by our good friend Daniel Chappe de Leonval

The film was nominated for multiple awards at the Durban 48 Hour Film Festival and won for Best Use of Prop, Best Music and Best Editing.

Give his Youtube page a Subscribe and check him out on Facebook: Happe Chappe

Congrats & Well done Dan!

You can check out the film in full below!


#HappeChappe #Return #ShortFilm #SupportLocal #Durban #SouthAfrica

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The Invisible Man

Genre:  Thriller / Drama

Cast:      Elisabeth Moss

Oliver Jackson – Cohen

Aldis Hodge

Storm Reid

Directed By: Leigh Whannell

Most people choose invisibility as their super power. To hear what people think of them, to rob banks and to watch movies at the cinema for free apparently.  This movie is not about that! With technology the way it is today, if someone said that they created something to make themselves invisible I would totally believe it.

Elisabeth Moss was brilliant, having watched The Handmaid’s Tale; I can definitely see why they cast her to play Cecilia Cass.  Cecilia Cass is the wife of a brilliant scientist Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). She is stuck in this abusive marriage and gets out with the help of her best friend and sister.

Adrian commits suicide and leaves Cecilia an inheritance but knowing Adrian for a long time she believes that it isn’t true.

The Invisible Man has your attention and keeps your heart levels jumping with suspense. The camera work has a lot to do with this eerie feeling that you are being watched, amazing! There a few plot holes towards the end but all in all very entertaining and definitely worth the watch. If you are into psychological thrillers then this one is definitely for you.

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Last Christmas

Genre:  Comedy / Romance / Drama

Cast:      Emilia Clarke

Henry Golding

Michelle Yeoh

Emma Thompson

Directed By: Paul Feige

FINALLY!!! The best part of the year has come! It is Christmas movies time! And yes Die Hard IS a Christmas movie.

Last Christmas has all the makings of a heart-warming, brain mushing, fuzzy, tear jerking and cuddling movie. If you are looking for a date night movie to watch with your special someone this holiday, stop reading this and book your ticket NOW. Trust me, it is worth it.

I absolutely LOVED this movie, and not only because it had Wham! And George Michael music. The acting was really good but for me Emma Thompson stole the show. We all know what a brilliant actress she is but in this movie her acting was on another level amazing and she co-wrote the script as well. Hats off Emma!

Usually Christmas movies are predictable, girl + boy then trouble and finally happily ever after, this movie leaves you shocked and “wow! I did not see that coming”. As it is the holiday season, Last Christmas leaves you with proper holiday feels, love and appreciation for your family and friends and grateful that we actually do have people who love and care about us that we can just go and give a great big hug to just because they exist.

Always look up :)

Click the link below to watch the trailer:

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Cosplay Masquerade 4th May 2019 FCBD

Project Mayhem SA will be hosting our very first Cosplay Masquerade at Free Comic Book Day & Star Wars Day 2019 on Saturday May 4th at Westville Mall.

Please see below for rules and T’s & C’s.

All costumes, both bought and made are allowed as there will be prizes for both craftsmanship and performance! Simply take to the stage and strut your stuff! You’ll also be given an opportunity to say a few words about your Cosplay or just be in character. Register on the day before 12pm. Masquerade begins at 1pm and cosplayers are required to assemble by the stage 30 minutes before the masquerade.

Awards will be given for:

Best craftsmanship
Best performance
Best newcomer
Best Star Wars Cosplay
Judges choice
Fan favorite

Additional Rules:
Registrations end strictly at 12pm. No late entries.
All cosplayers to be assembled at the stage to be put in line no later than 12:30pm. Failure to do so will result in not participating.
All entrants should bring a printed reference image- at least a front, back and 3/4 view of the character. No phone/tablet pictures please.
All cosplays should be family friendly.
All cosplays should allow movement on and off stage with no or little assistance.
Original interpretations of characters (eg. Steampunk Poison Ivy) will be allowed but no original characters.
Real weapons are prohibited. Replicas must be safe and large weapon props should be sheathed except for performance and for photos. Any firearm replicas must have an orange tip.


Please email for more info or if you have any queries.

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Free Comic Book Day & Star Wars Day 2019

Hey Durban Comic Book and Star Wars Fans!

Join us on Saturday May the 4th for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and STAR WARS DAY at Westville Mall in Durban from 9am to 4pm!

It promises to be a fun filled day with Free Comics for anyone attending*, crazy Action Figure specials, face painting for kids and adults from R20, Live statue & figure unboxing, our first COSPLAY MASQUERADE** and much more!

Remember the date, Saturday, May the 4th!

* While stocks last, so come early!
** Registration essential for Cosplay Masquerade entry. See social media and for competition T’s & C’s

For more info, please WhatsApp 0824786346 or PM us.

#FCBD #StarWarsDay #ProjectMayhemSA #Durban #SouthAfrica #WestvilleMall

See Less

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Cast:      Christian Bale

               Amy Adams

                Steve Carell

                Sam Rockwell

                Tyler Perry

                Alison Pill

                Lily Rabe

                Jesse Plemons

Directed By: Adam McKay


If you enter our home you will always either find a sport or news channel on, always! Even if you don’t always mean to, you pretty know more or less what is going on in the world. My husband is a massive conspiracy theorist and this is mainly because he wants to know the truth of what really happened.


I happen to love reading and have read my fair share of views of what happened in 9/11 had no idea how deep this actually went. The movie was not only eye opening but insightful and thought provoking as well.


The acting was nothing short of superb! I did a double take and had to take 3 and four looks to make sure that I was really looking at Christian Bale. Steve Carell surprised me in this serious role as I more used to seeing him as a joker because of the office.


A movie you definitely do not want to miss and trust me you are definitely going to be doing some research after watching the movie because you just need to know!

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Cast:      Jovan Adepo

Wyatt Russell

Pilou Abaek

Mathilde Olivier

John Magaro

Iain De Caestecker


Directed By: Julius Avery


I am not one for gory movies in a hurry, action yes, thriller yes, but gory horror nope. When I first saw the trailer of Overlord that was send to me from UIP, I was a bit sceptical as that is what I thought the movie will be (gory horror). I thought it was going to be a zombie war movie. I also saw that it was produced by JJ Abrams and I am a fan of his work. I had also learnt after some google work that the initial story for the film was conceived by JJ Abrams.


We were invited by UIP for the pre-screening for this movie and I went to see it with no real expectation except for awesome cinematography which I knew I will definitely get. I was so surprised that I enjoyed it so much. I was on the edge of my seat most of the movie in anticipation as to what was going to happen. The filming was so intense that whatever I saw, I felt. Also makes you think if it is actually possible that something like that could have actually happened.


I would strongly recommend that you go and watch this movie preferably at IMAX, if you cannot watch it in a normal cinema but definitely go and watch it!

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Durban Superhero Day! with Project Mayhem SA & Comic Con Africa! Saturday, 25th August 2018

Comic Con Africa, Project Mayhem SA

Join Project Mayhem SA and the Comic Con Africa Team at Durban Superhero Day on Saturday 25th August at Westville Mall from 8am to 2pm!

There will be loads of toys, action figures, movie and superhero collectibles on show and available to purchase!

That’s not all! Spend R250 or more at the Project Mayhem SA stall on the day, and stand a chance to WIN a PAIR OR VIP PASSES to Comic Con Africa! T’s & C’s Apply.

There will also be some random spot prizes on the day!

To add to all the fun, you are encouraged to come dressed in Cosplay and enjoy the day with other Geeks in Durban!

Have questions about Comic Con Africa?
The Comic Con Africa team have got you covered! You will get a chance to have your questions answered by an approved Comic Con Africa Team Member!

We hope to see you there!

Remember the date! Saturday, 25 August 2018, Westville Mall, 35 Buckingham Terrace, Westville, Durban.

For more info contact: / 0824786346 / 0727898008

Follow Comic Con Africa on Social Media:
– Instagram: comicconafrica_official
– Web:

Follow Project Mayhem SA on Social Media:
– Instagram & Youtube: Project Mayhem SA
– Online Store:

T’s & C’s:
– Winner chosen on the day is final
– Prize/s may not be exchanged for cash
– Sponsors are not liable for transport or additional costs to and from event
– Entry into the draw is subject to a minimum R250 spend at Project Mayhem SA stall on 25/08/2018 Only.


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ComicCon Africa: Jason Mamoa Makes the First Splash

It’s only been a few days since the glorious news was unleashed by the Marketing Guru’s at Comic Con Africa. And if you reading this under the rock then you should know that Jason Mamoa is coming to our first official Comic Con. That’s right; Aquaman will be gracing the shores of Africa.

I have already begun to search through my comics to find the perfect comic to have signed. I am currently sitting on the new 52 number 1. Yeah, I know I am not the biggest Aquaman fan but that hasn’t stopped me from being stoked over this news. Also I prefer the tattooed surfer with the bad boy attitude.

But who is Jason Mamoa?

Long before he was king of the ocean, he was just a regular kid born in 1979, with his mix race good looks it wasn’t too long before his was picked up as fresh faced model. Soon he made the difficult transition to acting, debuting in Baywatch Hawaii. Since then he has work in a few shows, but his big break came in a quiet little show you may have heard of; Game of Thrones. Here he played the now iconic role of Khal Drago.  A role, that most likely pushed him to the forefront of Hollywood’s eyes, and eventual selection, to play one of DC’s legendary characters. This will be further augmented in the highly anticipated solo adventure out late this year.

What does his appearance mean?

Well really it’s different things to different people. For most it will mean a meet and great. This gets you right up, close and personnel with you celebrity with a possible photo and signing. There has been no release of information as to the costing but honestly I am already sold. See in the States these events happen regularly but here in SA it’s quite the opposite.

Also the will be the, questions panel where both reported and the everyday guy gets to ask questions. These are well covered and have been infamous for potential leaks. But mostly they fun and bring these heroes down to earth.

This may be wishful thinking, but history has proven that we may have potential first views or even (gasp) a trailer.

There is one last thing we should all remember, that all it takes is one. One A lister to accept, this can have a ripple effect, even if it isn’t this year. Remember it took years before the original cons gained celebrity traction, in this way we are blessed.

I just hope Kylami serves good sushi.


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Project Mayhem SA’s YouTube Channel Launch “Share Your Collection” Competition

Have you entered our YouTube Channel Launch Competition yet?!

We’re giving away an awesome Collectibles Hamper to the video submission with the most likes!

Entry is so simple:

1. Make a video showing off your collection! (Max 2/3 minutes – and NO, you do NOT have to be seen in the video… your voice will do NICELY!)

2. Submit that video to us via two methods:

– Dropbox (share with
– WhatsApp Chat (0824786346)

3. Wait for us to review your submission and upload it and share the link with you so can tell ALL your friends to subscribe and like and share your video so you have the best chance to WIN!

Rules are simple:

– No bad language or inappropriate behavior as the competition is open to collectors of ALL AGES.
– Keep videos to 3 mins max if possible. Should your collection be huge, we will understand and accept a longer submission.
– Please speak clearly as possible, mentioning your name and tell us a little about your collection. Don’t be shy!
– Have fun!

Closing date: We are extending the closing date by popular request to 20 February 2018. All videos will be published after the last submission is made to give everyone an equal chance at winning!

Check out the launch video below as well as Zaid, from ZHM Entertainment showing you a quick example of a video submission!

Launch Video:

Zaid’s Example Video:

Thanks everyone! We look forward to sharing your collections with you!

Social Media Team
Project Mayhem SA

For more info please contact

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The Defenders

As the cold front finally swept Durban this weekend, I was stuck for the most part at home. I was searching Netflix for something to watch. And there it was; The Defenders or as I like to call the Marvel’s TV Avengers. So of course I made some popcorn, brewed some tea and settled down to watch it.

The series is neatly packaged in an 8 episode box which means no out of place fillers. As the series starts we find the 4 members in the aftermath of their solo series. I won’t get into the specifics there in odd chance you may have still not watched the solo runs (as if). I will however say that you don’t need to watch them to appreciate this series. The series uses the characters to shed light on each other’s past and that gives us as much hindsight as one needs to follow the show.

However he series does suffer a tad bit from the merge as each character had a different tone for their solo outings. It isn’t glaringly noticeable but fans of Daredevil will notice a lighter tone…marginally. Other than that the characters do mesh well and have a decent rapport. The slowly growing friendship between Luke and Danny is evident. Fans of the comic will be happy to see this evolve into their close friendship, especially because of their vastly different backgrounds. Matt is back too and still steals the limelight; he is the A-lister after all.

The show brings back the Hand, which was expected after the finale of Daredevil. This time we get a better look of them as we delve into their underbelly. This is where series tends to shine best, unlike movies they aren’t anchored by run times and have the luxury of being able to fully flesh out their characters. The Hand is fully explored and the motivations slowly addressed.The series moves at a steady rate, with enough action and drama to keep one engaged. I watched in on an 8 hour bender but strongly advise against that. Splitting it 2 ways is the best. This is no Stranger Thing and does not grip as well. But it is a strong entry and is genuinely entertaining. There are dull moments in the show but thankfully they are few and far apart. The show still isn’t as polished as it could have been, but its fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes almost guarantees a second season, here they can remedy the shortcomings suffered in its primary outing.

To wrap things up I will say Marvel may have stumbled a bit recently especially with Iron Fist, but this brings them back to their usual standards. The best part is there was no shoehorning any movie stuff or setting up the next series, which lead to a more concise story.

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Baby Driver

Genre:  Action / Crime / Thriller / Music

Director: Edgar Wright

Cast:      Ansel Elgort

Kevin Spacey

Lily James

Eiza Gonzalez

Jon Hamm

Jamie Foxx

Jon Bernthal


Music By: Steven Price


The first time I had ever seen Ansel Elgort acting was in a movie called “The Fault in Our Stars”, which I watched because my niece had insisted that it was an AMAZING movie (her words not mine). Well thats what you get for listening to a teenager.


When I heard that Ansel Elgort was the lead in this movie I hadn’t expected much. Then I watched the movie, boy was I wrong. Exciting, thrilling and edge of your seat action was what I experienced when I watched Baby Driver.


It is a perfect date night movie because as much as it is action packed it has the romance that will definitely make any girl swoon. Young love, we were all there at some point in our lives. This movie makes you feel that passion and romance and adrenaline all at once, with the right music to accentuate all the feels.


The soundtrack in the movie is amazing! It has music from not only the different ages but also all types of genres. The music creates context as well as the overall theme of the movie.


There aren’t many movies that are released that I feel are exhilarating but Baby Driver is definitely one of them.  Don’t waste anymore time reading but just go and book already!

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The DeLorean

The DeLorean

If you grew up in the late 80’s or 90’ then you must have watched one of the (arguably) greatest movie trilogies to grace our screens. It starred America’s sweetheart Micheal J Fox as Marty McFly and his wacky scientist/inventor Dr E Brown played by the charismatic Christopher Loyyd. But there was one other star that out shone them, the time machine. Yes the time machine, cleverly built into the gull-winged DeLorean. It has become an icon for any movie buff. And while we all wish we could own this legendary piece of movie history but alas we all do not have deep enough pockets.

But fear not, Jacklin Enterprises is finally making this dream a possibility. Yes, finally we can own one of the coolest cars. Jacklin is the official distributor for Eaglemoss. Yes that Eaglemoss, the very same people who brought you the now highly sought after marvel and DC lead figurines, the Marvel books and are also currently circulating the DC graphic novel hard covers. Also let’s not forget the various chess collections, of which I must gloat that I own the completed Batman set. (Sorry I just had to throw that in there)

This time they bring us the build your own Delorean. It is highly detailed and yes its die cast. If like me, you are into Hot Toys then you will know that die cast is something special. The completed unit will land at approximately 75cm long and 34cm wide. That’s pretty massive. (That’s what she said) It will have working parts and will light up. Buying a piece like this will no doubt set you back. But since it’s only coming out weekly and in parts, it goes from being super expensive to highly affordable. Think of it as buying a real car, just without the interest. It is also an official licensed product and as such will be a highly collectable item once complete. Due to the nature of the product and it not readily available complete to but means that if you complete it you will be part of a very limited amount of people. Therefore the monetary value of it will skyrocket.

But it isn’t just about dollars signs, for me the sentimental value of owning a highly detailed item such as this, coupled along with the time it takes to build. Well that just makes it special. Putting you blood and sweat into building an item is a reward on its own. Blood and Sweat? Relax! Eaglemoss makes it fun and easy. Every issue comes with step by step guide.

The car itself is superbly detailed. From a working flux capacitor to the blue lighting running through the outside, the car has it all. Look inside and you will find movie accurate seating and dials.

And lastly we have some exciting news. Jacklin has been ever so gracious that they will be supplying the weekly series to us so we can do a video build. So join us on the Project Mayhem YouTube Channel, subscribe and follow us as we build the time machine. (and maybe we can get the infamous Darth Zady Bun to help )


A special thanks to Varshal of Jacklin Enterprises and Reza and Nas of Project Mayhem.


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Beauty & The Beast

Genre: Fantasy / Romance

Cast: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Kevin Kline, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Audra McDonald, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson

Director: Bill Condon

Screenplay: Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopouos

Produced By: David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman

Music: Alan Menken

Get ready to be transported to a fantasy world.

I was really excited for this movie as I grew up in a time where animated Disney movies were everything! The Little Mermaid being my all time favourite and Beauty and The Beast a close second.

As a person who loves books and who always was caught with a book in hand (I had burned food on numerous occasions because of reading and forgetting that something was on the stove), I always felt a kinship with Belle’s character. Her love for books and adventure made me feel as if I was not the only odd one out.

This movie portrays each character perfectly, from Chip the teacup to Lumiere the candelabra. LeFou (Josh Gad) was hilarious, you automatically love his character. He is loyal to Gaston (Luke Evans) but also is very conscience of what is right and wrong.

I love that Disney kept everything as close to the animated version as possible. The costumes and intricate details of the castle and characters are amazing.

If you have kids, this should be your go to family movie to watch! The star studded cast make you believe that for that moment you are with them. You feel their happiness, sadness, pain and love.

Get caught up in the moment, be a kid again!

A tale as old as time…



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Keeping Up With The Kandasamy’s

Genre: Comedy

Cast: Jailoshini Naidoo, Maeshni Naicker, Madhushan Singh, Mishqah Parthiephal, Mariam Bassa, Rajesh Gopie, Koobeshen Naidoo

Director: Jayan Moodley

Screenplay: Jayan Moodley, Rory Booth

Produced By: Helena Spring, Junaid Ahmed

Music: Chris Letcher


When I hear South African movies I’m always skeptical and not 100% keen on going to watch the movie. Today I was pleasantly surprised. This movie was hilarious and so enjoyable to watch.

There aren’t many movies that I watch that I can relate to, but this is one of them that I can. The community, the kinship and food (I still hate pro-vita in my lunchbox), all of these are just aspects of what all us South Africans are made of.

The acting was on par with any of the Hollywood comedy movies. For me the granny (Mariam Bassa) stole the show. As a South African Indian we all know at least one old lady like her (you know the type, always complaining to someone on the phone about their daughter-in-law and being overly dramatic.) She is hilarious and her comedic timing is the best.

The movie was funny from start to finish obviously with some drama in between. This is definitely a must see for anyone who wants a laugh. Your dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphin levels will be high and mighty after this!


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Batman v Superman: The Review

Batman V Superman, the mother of all match ups finally did its Superhero landing this past Friday. And what a landing!


The movie seems to be critically panned by most yet is set to make mega moola.



So how did it really fare?



*super minor spoilers ahead*


Firstly the darkness of the movie was a breath of fresh air compared to all the humour we get from Marvel (don’t get me wrong I love the Stark/Banner Banter but too much one thing can be detrimental fro ones health ) but I also feel that they drenched it in darkness when a good soak was all that was needed. A little more humour would have balance it more.



The movie did feel cluttered at times but with Snyder having to manages 3 heroes and world/franchise building I can let that slide which is more poor editing than bad direction. But like I said before the shared universe has that effect and it’s a symptom we will have to live with if we want this multi-verse to continue.There were some obvious plot holes that may be done on purpose and this shall only reveal itself in future instalments or could be just poor story telling.

The film is well cast ( more on that later) and for the most part well directed. There are some camera angles that seem less that courteous to the scene at times. Visually it is stunning, but with such a long development period I would expected nothing short of spectacular. The score felt right and my favourite was that of Wonder Woman in the final act.


Moving on to the cast, Batfleck seems to have nailed the Dark Knight but falls a little short on Bruce Wayne as there are times when it feels they are the same character and it shouldn’t, but time will heal that wound and IMO he has earned his seat as a worthy successor to Bale. His relationship with Alfred is captured beautifully and a key moment was him making old Al a cup of coffee. A scene that clearly defined there relationship is more than what appears on the surface.



Cavill seems to be settling into his role well and his second outing is an improvement, even his physique is larger. His romance with Lois felt a little fast tracked but again nothing one cant get past to enjoy the film. Ms Lane’s character is served well as one can but visually she looks a bit old for Clark but who am I to judge what Supe’s into these days.


Wonder Woman is a scene stealer in the best sense, her beauty, her strength and charisma shines through and will surely cement success in her solo outing. The only negative is that we never have enough of her.


Lex I must admit shattered all my fears of Eisenberg playing the role. His malice is unmatched (until a certain new green haired freak makes his début ) and his genius is on point. While others may say his eccentric was over the top, I applaud it and felt it was what would be in his youth in this time. He is so full of himself as only a Luther can be.


Snapping back to the film itself, I felt it delivered, adapting key Batman and Superman stories write out of comic book history and blending them together to create a cohesive story. So yes the movie is flawed is some ways but it certainly didn’t deserve the global panning which will probably hurt its box office returns.



This movie isn’t made to win over critics, it isn’t made to collect Oscars, it was made for the fans. It was made as fun popcorn blockbuster that brings together the holy trinity. And in that regards it succeeds.

All in all it is a solid entry into DC’s cinematic universe and even warrants a second viewing.

Lets give it a hard earned 4/5


As always BRING DA MAYHEM!!!!!!!!!!!

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Competition / Giveaway! Tickets to See Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice in IMAX 3D

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice ticket Giveaway with Project Mayhem Durban, South Africa and Ster Kinekor IMAX Durban

Durban Fans!

WIN Double Tickets to SEE

Batman Vs Superman – Dawn of Justice in IMAX 3D

with Project Mayhem and Ster Kinekor Gateway, Durban!

How to Enter: Visit this link and follow instructions listed below:

Simply comment below and tell us why you are Durban’s BIGGEST Fan! Use the hashtags #BatmanVSuperman #SterKinekor #ProjectMayhemSA

It’s that simple!

Winners will receive 2 tickets to see Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice in IMAX 3D on 25th March 2016, at 8:45PM at Ster Kinekor Gateway, Durban.

But that’s not all!

Winners will also receive a Pizza Hut Pizza each as well as the chance to experience the movie along with Project Mayhem’s rapidly growing local Geek Community!

So get to it and let us know why you should be part of one of THE biggest movie experiences 2016 has to offer!

Competition ends Thursday 24th, 2PM with winners announced at 3PM

See you there!

Date: 25 March 2016
Venue: IMAX Gateway Durban
Time: 20:45 Show [Guests to arrive from 7PM]

Terms & Conditions Apply.

– Prize may NOT be exchanged for cash.
– Entrants please make note of the date, venue and your personal availability for this event.
– Selection/Winner choices are final.
– Only entries using the preferred hashtags will be considered as a successful entry.
– Winning tickets are valid for the performance date above 25 March 2016 at 8:45PM IMAX3D, Gateway, Durban.
– Right of Admission Reserved as per venue rules and regulations

* Kindly advise if you would like to be contacted via alternate method.

If you are not successful in winning, fear not as tickets are still available from www.sterkinekor/imax

For further info, please contact Project Mayhem via PM or email

This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, affiliated, associated or administered by Facebook.
Please note that Facebook is not liable for any miscommunication, errors and other uncertainties that may arise as a result of this giveaway.

IMAX®, The IMAX Experience® and IMAX Is Believing® are trademarks of IMAX Corporation.
© 2016 IMAX Corporation



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Deadpool Review




I am not going to lie, I have been waiting for this movie for almost a decade so maybe my view maybe a little skewed, but then again when it comes to Deadpool you kinda need a skewed view to truly appreciate him.

In a world now filled with superheroes and world building, we get the refreshing enema in the form of Wade Wilson, the fan favourite Merc with a Mouth (and thank God it aint sworn shut).

The movie lives up the the well marketed hype and then some, even the opening credits reminds you, you aint in Kansas no more Dorothy.


The movie keeps the plot simple, while some might find that a bit boring for a Deadpool movie I felt it was necessary otherwise it would have distracted the average movie goer from the oddity (shout out to my boy ) of the movie itself. and that’s what Tim Miller has done well here, stayed true to the core character without alienating the general audience. But that’s not only what he and star Ryan Reynolds do well. They show us they can do X-Men better than X-Men, case in point Colossus. Never has the character been better depicted, from the thick Russian accent to the physique and his humble persona.

I will admit the villains were pretty underdeveloped but the movie makes you forget that with the well placed wit and humour… oh the humour, always the right dosage, always the right time.

In short Deadpool is a fun filled ride that’s the perfect break from all the intense franchise and their sometimes convoluted shares universe. You don’t need to catch up on 7 movies to know what is going on, you don’t need to buy a mountain load of back issues to understand the character. All you need is a barrel of popcorn and large soda and you will get your moneys worth.


The movie gets a slightly biased 5/5 simply for being totally original when the only options where dark or light. Being grey has never been so colourful.  Oh and to my Deadpool fans….

f5S3dvUb (1)


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Need For Speed



I remember what seems a life time ago, putting in that CD into the ROM and installing the original Need for Speed via DOS and no matter how frustrating it was the joy of playing such a detailed game was well worth it. I still can vividly remember the hot real car videos. And then came the sequels which seem to improve every time… until Underground which took the arcade racer and changed the rules. Gone where the exotic supercars and instead we got everyday tuner cars which could be tricked out in every way imaginable, from engine mods to stylized body kits and crazy body paint. This game was crazy nuts like nothing before and spawned a sequel that amped up the antics in all the right ways. Then came Most Wanted which kept a few key elements but changed up the core factor and that too was fantastic… after that it all went wrong, every instalment since then has felt like a cash grab and put together all the wrong elements. So when it was announced that a reboot was in the works with focus on Underground’s game DNA I was excited. And here we are a week or two after the games release…


Let’s start with the pros, the game has a lot going for it. Beautiful next gen graphics where you get to see the city come alive. The cars a spectacular, nowhere near GT levels but that’s not what they were aiming for anyway.

They gameplay focuses over 5 different styles or modes all of which can be obtained via just cruising around or any race. They are Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw. The first 3 are pretty self-explanatory while Outlaw is all about out running the five-0 (so some most wanted thrown into the mix  Nice ) and crew is well you and your mates.

need-for-speed-2015-update-trailer-reveals-speed-style-build-crew-outlaw-game-modes (1)

The game is an online game, which mean you have to be online to play, and a cool feature is you have real players dropping into your city which you can race.

The customizing is back with real body kits, rims and parts and with the vinyl editor the results are endless… ( or is it? more on that later)

The cut scenes are cheesier than ever with first person fist bumps, like I mean it’s so bad daytime soapies be like huh?


And the bad?

Well I have been at the game for 2 weeks and not in the hardcore, come home from work and burn till 1am but more a relaxed play a few races, mod a little  and explore the city but I have picked up a lot of issues.

The snap shot doesn’t work, and I mean like never ever. Which is a shame as I had some cool photos I would have loved to upload.

But the biggest problem I had was the mods, yes those cool mods are cool but not when you save up enough to buy that second car and it’s a classic mark 1 Golf (what can I say the Indian in me… ) and you go to mod it and you can’t slap some big ass bumpers on it. Then there’s the vinyl editor which is super cool but doesn’t have a mirror feature which means what you do on one side you have to do manually on the other side which means it doesn’t come out just quite right. I am sorry but the perfectionist in me just can’t handle that especially as a mirror option would have made it so simple.

The car selection isn’t that great either, now unless they planning to have DLC’s for car packs then this is very weak selection as any tuner head knows the fun is in the classics and yes it’s great to have the exotics but if you can’t trick them out with mad kits and insane rims then what’s the point? And how about an option for deep dish rims?



Well as it stands the game is not a good as I expected, it has a lot of shortcomings but as I pen this very article news has crossed my way of fixes to the current faults and flaws. All errors will be addressed with the next update and there will be DLC’s for more cars and kits and vinyls, all of which will be cost free. Yep, EA vows no micro transactions… ever. In this light I give the game a 3.5 (for now ) for the listening to the fans and trying to put out a game we want. Yes it still needs work but it’s on the right road and if they can pull of the next few updates and DLC’s as perfect shifts then we are going to be playing this well into 2016.

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Hot Toys: Iron Man Mark 43 Die Cast edition

Well it has finally arrived…




My first Hot Toy… and Man did I make the right choice or what.


The figure is stunning, the slight battle scars rendered on the smooth metallic paint over the delightfully heavy body work really is something to behold. Maybe its just the excitement of owning an exclusive for the first time or maybe the figure is that good. I took my sweet time deciding which Iron Man to get and lets be honest we are spoilt for choice.


Just look at that Downey detail, those crisp clean cut grooves into the armour, and with some great articulation.


and the lights… ooh the gorgeous lights


image35 image23

Bottom line this maybe as good as it gets when it comes to action figures, it has inspired me to add to this amazing piece.

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Ant-Man The (micro) Review


ant man movie 2015
ant man movie 2015

In the spirit of Ant Man I will keep this review as small as possible :-)

What on odd choice for a big screen adaptation, why choose ants when you can have the X-Men or Fantastic 4… oh right….

But honestly this is a fun movie, and very refreshing.

The choice was originally a coin toss between mission impossible and this and I am glad it won the toss.

Paul Rudd is loveable as the protagonist, as his charm shines through a pretty standard script. Don’t get me wrong the premise is original, a heist superhero movie (Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t count as it set in outer space <thinly veiled sarcasm>).







The movie moves at a healthy pace with decent character development, and laced with plenty of humour similar to GOTG and just like the space adventure has that unique obscurity that helps it feel different from previous Marvel films.

There is the long haul to the end of the film to see any real action but the journey there is filled with some interesting shots of the microverse.

Rudd’s charm is perfectly suited for this picture and Eff (from the Strain) shows us his other half as the bad guy.

In short this is a good but not great film, nothing really light you on fire and the Avengers tie in feels a bit forced. I doubt this will light the box office on fire but its Marvel so…






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Terminator Genysis

Another late review…



Due to circumstances I was not able to watch this on its initial release, which to me was a great loss as I thought that this instalment had great promise.

After watching it I still stand by that statement.


The movie is actually entertaining, which an idealistic mix of humour, action and science fiction. It would have had suspense of a good twist too had the trailer not blown away its best surprise so early.

The movie isn’t T2 quality but I suppose nothing ever will be, what it is though is spades better than T3 which was like a poorly made remake or it predecessor and Salvation which had such promise but kinda folded on its self.

This movie is a great popcorn flick and adds to the terminator universe. Acting might be a little wooden and the relationship between Sarah and Kyle feels more forced than Arnie’s smile.  But the mythology  is given a nice addition and if the sequel gets green lit could make for an interesting trilogy.

Seriously go out and watch this if you get a chance… still a better watch Fanlastic 4 (sorry couldnt resist)



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F1 2015 – PS4

maxresdefault (1)


F1 2015 PS4 -REVIEW

With the current well under way it was inevitable that Codemasters drop a new title….

While I am a confessd F1 nut, I have’nt always picked up the games and often opted for the GT road instead. But with the later lacking in the next gen format I had a need for speed that had to be quelled.


The game is instantly playable as it has modes from Beginner (or as i like to call it the Maldonado Mode) where all the assists are on and you basically a navigator, to the highly advanced Elite which has all assists off. Needless to say Elite is insanely difficult. I went for the medium Amateur Mode which has some assists off but is a decent challenge, at least while finding your feet.


The Graphics are superb and takes you into the weekend, with amazing attention to detail, but in retrospect any half decent PS4 game out now can safely say claim that. What helps F1 stand out a little more is the drivers faces and the crew, the crew as any F1 junkie knows is a fundamental force in the sport. I am glad this games shows that. The tracks are nothing short of spectacular, I swear I could smell the ocean at Monaco. The cars are beautiful as they are in real life.


So how does the gameplay go, well menu wise everything is compact and not in a good way, its very stripped down. The is very few modes available, the is a choice between two seasons, namely 2015 and 2014 which is stupid to say the least. I get that this is called F1 2015 and that is the primary focus but I remember older instalments having the function to drive older circuits and cars which was super cool. Not only are we restricted to 2 seasons but we stuck with a crap progression system. Any gamer will tell you progression and unlocks is where its at. Here all you can do is win a championship. What about testing, new parts. Where’s the interview’s? (that was in previous versions)

I think Codemasters missed a gear here, there was much more this game could have been. Dont get me wrong its a great game, but if you not a F1 fan then you going to be bored very quick. There is the Pro Season which works like a proper weekend including actual times which means no 20 minute races, tyre degradation and fuel issues and thats something to aspire to.

However when it comes down to the way the cars drives and feels, the game is on point ans it feels precise and fast (God its Fast), the corners rush you like a good racing game should and over taking is far from easy. The various views add the extra dimension. The ability to fine tune you car in setup up mode is very detailed and does make a difference when you start taking of the assists and helps give you the edge.

The multiplayer seems fun… pity i could test it out as it takes for ever and I am led to believe its 1 on 1. I mean really? Another missed opportunity, what could have been better that having a live track of 18 real drivers representing the teams and duelling for the crown? And not even split screen option, so fun with friends in lounge is a no no.


All in all its a great game, but could have been much better. Would I recommend buying the game?

I suggest waiting for a price drop, its a great game but I just feel short changed (but I just came of playing Arkham so my expectations are quite high). This game is for the purists.

Score 3.5/5