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Last Christmas

Genre:  Comedy / Romance / Drama

Cast:      Emilia Clarke

Henry Golding

Michelle Yeoh

Emma Thompson

Directed By: Paul Feige

FINALLY!!! The best part of the year has come! It is Christmas movies time! And yes Die Hard IS a Christmas movie.

Last Christmas has all the makings of a heart-warming, brain mushing, fuzzy, tear jerking and cuddling movie. If you are looking for a date night movie to watch with your special someone this holiday, stop reading this and book your ticket NOW. Trust me, it is worth it.

I absolutely LOVED this movie, and not only because it had Wham! And George Michael music. The acting was really good but for me Emma Thompson stole the show. We all know what a brilliant actress she is but in this movie her acting was on another level amazing and she co-wrote the script as well. Hats off Emma!

Usually Christmas movies are predictable, girl + boy then trouble and finally happily ever after, this movie leaves you shocked and “wow! I did not see that coming”. As it is the holiday season, Last Christmas leaves you with proper holiday feels, love and appreciation for your family and friends and grateful that we actually do have people who love and care about us that we can just go and give a great big hug to just because they exist.

Always look up :)

Click the link below to watch the trailer:

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Cast:      Jovan Adepo

Wyatt Russell

Pilou Abaek

Mathilde Olivier

John Magaro

Iain De Caestecker


Directed By: Julius Avery


I am not one for gory movies in a hurry, action yes, thriller yes, but gory horror nope. When I first saw the trailer of Overlord that was send to me from UIP, I was a bit sceptical as that is what I thought the movie will be (gory horror). I thought it was going to be a zombie war movie. I also saw that it was produced by JJ Abrams and I am a fan of his work. I had also learnt after some google work that the initial story for the film was conceived by JJ Abrams.


We were invited by UIP for the pre-screening for this movie and I went to see it with no real expectation except for awesome cinematography which I knew I will definitely get. I was so surprised that I enjoyed it so much. I was on the edge of my seat most of the movie in anticipation as to what was going to happen. The filming was so intense that whatever I saw, I felt. Also makes you think if it is actually possible that something like that could have actually happened.


I would strongly recommend that you go and watch this movie preferably at IMAX, if you cannot watch it in a normal cinema but definitely go and watch it!

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The Defenders

As the cold front finally swept Durban this weekend, I was stuck for the most part at home. I was searching Netflix for something to watch. And there it was; The Defenders or as I like to call the Marvel’s TV Avengers. So of course I made some popcorn, brewed some tea and settled down to watch it.

The series is neatly packaged in an 8 episode box which means no out of place fillers. As the series starts we find the 4 members in the aftermath of their solo series. I won’t get into the specifics there in odd chance you may have still not watched the solo runs (as if). I will however say that you don’t need to watch them to appreciate this series. The series uses the characters to shed light on each other’s past and that gives us as much hindsight as one needs to follow the show.

However he series does suffer a tad bit from the merge as each character had a different tone for their solo outings. It isn’t glaringly noticeable but fans of Daredevil will notice a lighter tone…marginally. Other than that the characters do mesh well and have a decent rapport. The slowly growing friendship between Luke and Danny is evident. Fans of the comic will be happy to see this evolve into their close friendship, especially because of their vastly different backgrounds. Matt is back too and still steals the limelight; he is the A-lister after all.

The show brings back the Hand, which was expected after the finale of Daredevil. This time we get a better look of them as we delve into their underbelly. This is where series tends to shine best, unlike movies they aren’t anchored by run times and have the luxury of being able to fully flesh out their characters. The Hand is fully explored and the motivations slowly addressed.The series moves at a steady rate, with enough action and drama to keep one engaged. I watched in on an 8 hour bender but strongly advise against that. Splitting it 2 ways is the best. This is no Stranger Thing and does not grip as well. But it is a strong entry and is genuinely entertaining. There are dull moments in the show but thankfully they are few and far apart. The show still isn’t as polished as it could have been, but its fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes almost guarantees a second season, here they can remedy the shortcomings suffered in its primary outing.

To wrap things up I will say Marvel may have stumbled a bit recently especially with Iron Fist, but this brings them back to their usual standards. The best part is there was no shoehorning any movie stuff or setting up the next series, which lead to a more concise story.

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Baby Driver

Genre:  Action / Crime / Thriller / Music

Director: Edgar Wright

Cast:      Ansel Elgort

Kevin Spacey

Lily James

Eiza Gonzalez

Jon Hamm

Jamie Foxx

Jon Bernthal


Music By: Steven Price


The first time I had ever seen Ansel Elgort acting was in a movie called “The Fault in Our Stars”, which I watched because my niece had insisted that it was an AMAZING movie (her words not mine). Well thats what you get for listening to a teenager.


When I heard that Ansel Elgort was the lead in this movie I hadn’t expected much. Then I watched the movie, boy was I wrong. Exciting, thrilling and edge of your seat action was what I experienced when I watched Baby Driver.


It is a perfect date night movie because as much as it is action packed it has the romance that will definitely make any girl swoon. Young love, we were all there at some point in our lives. This movie makes you feel that passion and romance and adrenaline all at once, with the right music to accentuate all the feels.


The soundtrack in the movie is amazing! It has music from not only the different ages but also all types of genres. The music creates context as well as the overall theme of the movie.


There aren’t many movies that are released that I feel are exhilarating but Baby Driver is definitely one of them.  Don’t waste anymore time reading but just go and book already!

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Beauty & The Beast

Genre: Fantasy / Romance

Cast: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Kevin Kline, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Audra McDonald, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson

Director: Bill Condon

Screenplay: Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopouos

Produced By: David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman

Music: Alan Menken

Get ready to be transported to a fantasy world.

I was really excited for this movie as I grew up in a time where animated Disney movies were everything! The Little Mermaid being my all time favourite and Beauty and The Beast a close second.

As a person who loves books and who always was caught with a book in hand (I had burned food on numerous occasions because of reading and forgetting that something was on the stove), I always felt a kinship with Belle’s character. Her love for books and adventure made me feel as if I was not the only odd one out.

This movie portrays each character perfectly, from Chip the teacup to Lumiere the candelabra. LeFou (Josh Gad) was hilarious, you automatically love his character. He is loyal to Gaston (Luke Evans) but also is very conscience of what is right and wrong.

I love that Disney kept everything as close to the animated version as possible. The costumes and intricate details of the castle and characters are amazing.

If you have kids, this should be your go to family movie to watch! The star studded cast make you believe that for that moment you are with them. You feel their happiness, sadness, pain and love.

Get caught up in the moment, be a kid again!

A tale as old as time…



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Keeping Up With The Kandasamy’s

Genre: Comedy

Cast: Jailoshini Naidoo, Maeshni Naicker, Madhushan Singh, Mishqah Parthiephal, Mariam Bassa, Rajesh Gopie, Koobeshen Naidoo

Director: Jayan Moodley

Screenplay: Jayan Moodley, Rory Booth

Produced By: Helena Spring, Junaid Ahmed

Music: Chris Letcher


When I hear South African movies I’m always skeptical and not 100% keen on going to watch the movie. Today I was pleasantly surprised. This movie was hilarious and so enjoyable to watch.

There aren’t many movies that I watch that I can relate to, but this is one of them that I can. The community, the kinship and food (I still hate pro-vita in my lunchbox), all of these are just aspects of what all us South Africans are made of.

The acting was on par with any of the Hollywood comedy movies. For me the granny (Mariam Bassa) stole the show. As a South African Indian we all know at least one old lady like her (you know the type, always complaining to someone on the phone about their daughter-in-law and being overly dramatic.) She is hilarious and her comedic timing is the best.

The movie was funny from start to finish obviously with some drama in between. This is definitely a must see for anyone who wants a laugh. Your dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphin levels will be high and mighty after this!