ModuCase: DF30 Display Cube (L60 x D32 x H65 CM)


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Deposit: R1000


Product Description

This collector’s display case features maximum dust protection and a stackable cube which allows you to join or stack the cases to create your unique display.

The flexible interior placement of lights allows you to spotlight your figures with your choice of black or white backdrops. The DF30 series is suitable for collections below 33 pounds, such as sixth scale figures or even small statues.


  • Outer case is 60cm x 32cm x 65cm
  • Inner dimensions are 56cm x 30cm x 61cm
  • Back panel material is PVC
  • Dust protection rubber seal against the front cover
  • Strong 6000 series aluminium frame
  • Choice of black or white backdrop
  • Crystal clear plexi-glass acrylic on the front and sides
  • Flexible placement of LED spotlight
  • Classy velvet base
  • Easy magnetic snap-on front cover with a single safety handscrew

If your requirements are:

Collections below 30kg or 66lbs per display cube
One or two statues per display cube

Suitable for:
Hot Toys
Smaller 1/6 statues or figurines
Smaller statues


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