Queen Studios: Wonder Woman 1/4 Scale Statue


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Estimated Release Date:  Q1 2022

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Material: Polystone

Size: 47cm (H) x 39cm (W) x 30cm (D)

Estimated Delivery Date: Q1 2022


As we celebrate 80 years of this incredible character, the Queen Studios team decided that it would be fitting to bring Wonder Woman to life in a quarter scale statue inspired by both DC Comics and the DCEU. For the 1/4 Wonder Woman statue, collectors can enjoy a dynamic statue with two head sculpts. The first a hyper real representation of Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot. The Second with a head sculpt straight out of the comics.


Our team have taken aspects from both the movie and the comics. The colours used, are taken from the classic comic. But the textures of Diana’s armour are from the movie. The princess is leaning on her right leg, stood on a toppled Greek column. She’s facing forward and preparing for an attack. Her lasso is spiralling around her body as if she is ready to capture her enemy.