COVID-19 Shipping Precautions

15 May 2020

Project Mayhem SA is excited to announce that the Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition has announced that our e-Commerce business may continue as usual as of Thursday 14 May 2020.


It is with this in mind that we would like to re-assure our customers that we, along with our Shipping Partner, The Courier Guy will be taking the utmost pre-cautions while packaging, handling and delivering your goods.

All packages we send out will be safely wiped down using necessary care while ensuring your goods arent damaged nor put you or others at risk of coming into contact with the virus.

The Courier Guy delivery drivers and staff are equipped with gloves, masks and appropriate sanitizers to keep and ensure the safety of our clients and their packages. When they arrive, they will spray the package, wipe it down and ensure a safe distance from you to allow you to collect and sign your waybill. Please ensure you have your own pen – however, if not possible, The Courier Guy will have one – just ensure you sanitize your hands as a general rule! Please do this before and after accepting the package.

To be extra safe, you should wipe down any packages received and then sanitize your hands again in accordance stipulated by health authorities.

Please be rest assured that every possible measure has been made to ensure your goods are safe for our courier and you to handle once received.

Finally, thank you for your continued support, enjoy your purchase and be safe!



Project Mayhem SA Team

082 4786 346 Whatsapp Available.

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Arkham Knight Action Figure Series



The highly anticipated game is here, and with it comes the merchandise. The good thing is Arkham takes as much pride with their merchandise as their game development. The Action series in particular has always been stellar. Even now the original Arkham Asylum Joker is highly sought after.


The first wave has already been released and I have already picked up 2 (should have gotten the Batman too darn it!). Harley Quinn and Scarecrow.



Gone is the old blister packs, and now we have gorgeous boxes (great for those who keep their figures in packages). The figures have really evolved from the Asylum days and the detail is far superior to anything in its prices range. I love this rendition of Harley as it makes her look real while still preserving her craziness and sex appeal. Scarecrow is scarier than ever and looks the part as one half of the games central villain.


This is the first wave with the second coming soon, Arkham Knight seems to be the elusive one from the entire series, so grab it if you have the chance. I very rarely collect or attempt to collect an entire series but I think this has earned that.

It is very well priced and detailed as i stated earlier. I will be updating this article as more of these pieces make it to my hands. I do hope they maximize the amount of characters they release and if this is the final game then bring them all.

PS: game review will be live later this week.

As always bring the MAYHEM!!!


In addition to offering our clients a catalog of rare and treasured collectibles, we also offer the safest and most convenient means of affordable shipping. This ensures your precious items get to you in original and desired condition.


Our shipping partner is The Courier Guy – offering affordable, trackable and safe shipping.



You can track your Courier Guy Parcel here

Update: 15 May 2020

Updated directions regarding e-commerce sales during alert level 4

Dear valued client,

We are excited to announce that the minister of trade, industry and competition has announced that e-Commerce business may continue as usual as of Thursday 14 May 2020

As e-commerce clients- No Certificate or Declaration is required. Our normal terms and conditions apply. Please note: NO ALCOHOL, NO TOBACCO

Goods which may be transacted through e-Commerce platforms

Subject to all applicable laws, all goods may be transacted through e-Commerce platforms, except for goods prohibited for sale in terms of regulation 26 and 27 of the Regulations. Regulation 26 and 27 refer to liquor, tobacco products, e-cigarettes and related products.

Protocols for e-Commerce retailers

All retailers using e-Commerce platforms to sell goods must ensure the following:

a) All Regulations and Directions in respect of hygienic workplace conditions and the potential exposure of employees to COVID-19 must be adhered to, including the Covid-19 Occupational Health and Safety Measures in Workplaces directions issued by the Minister of Employment of Labour and published in Government Notice 479 on 29 April 2019, which for ease of reference has been set out in Annexure A.

b) In addition, employees may not share face masks, equipment, stationery, utensils or similar items, and Designated and adequately trained health and safety officers must take each employee’s temperatures using appropriate equipment or instruments at the start of a shift and every four hours after the shift commences. Records of the temperatures of each employee must be kept. Any employee whose temperature is 37,5 degrees or above should immediately be moved to an isolated observation room for a second measurement. If the second test measurement also exceeds 37,5 degrees, the employee must be returned home for self-quarantine, provided with a surgical mask and not be permitted to enter or stay on the premises.

c) In order to limit the social and economic hardship caused by the pandemic on local industries and enable consumer choice to support local producers, retailers must give prominence to those goods which are manufactured in the Republic of South Africa.

d) Retailers must provide for as many payment options as possible for consumers, that are based on reducing risks of transmission, and enabling poorer consumers to access delivery services.

e) When packaging goods, retailers must provide written guidelines for customers on how to safely disinfect their goods before use.

f) Retailers must put in place collection protocols to ensure that adequate social distancing is maintained by courier or delivery service personnel when collecting goods from a warehouse or depot.

g) All goods must be sanitised, in line with the guidelines published by the National Department of Health, before leaving the warehouse or depot


We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this and if the criteria changes, we will inform you.

Stay Safe!

The Courier Guy Team


Update: May 2018

There is a rising trend of hijackers targeting the courier industry.
Please note that insurance is required to cover the loss of parcels in
such cases. Please enquire about the insurance rate.